Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hitting the wall

Stopped by the gym last night, after working late, to do my weight work. The session went pretty well, but I've been dragging terribly since then -- feeling blue, tired, sore, wrung out -- you name it. I even missed my swim class this morning -- slept right through the alarm.

I'm hoping that it's not a nutrition issue. As my training log shows, I've been cutting it pretty slim on calorie intake for the last few days, while I've jumped right back into the training routine after a short break last weekend.

For now, I'm going to continue onward and upward -- a 1/2 hour run during Colin's soccer practice, then a 1/2 bike tonight. I'm going to strive to get to the pool early on Friday and make up today's missed session.

Update (Thursday night) -- got smart and listened to my body. Did a short run (16 minutes) when I got home, then took the rest of the night off. Will get up early to make up my swim tomorrow morning.

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