Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

When you're 47, you're middle-aged, no doubt about it -- and I'm feeling the effects of it today.

I did get a second bike ride in yesterday -- 30 minutes in the morning, and 45 in the evening. I'd hoped to go 1 hour, but my legs were pretty much shot after 45 minutes. This morning's swim class was good, up to a point. My opening 500 yd. warm-up felt nice and smooth, with a time of 9:53. It's encouraging that I can rack up longer distances at an under-2 min/100 yd pace with no real strain (and I flipped every single turn, as well.)

But after a killer kick session in the middle, I was out of gas for the final sets of 100s. Just couldn't hold pace. Still got most in around 1:30-1:35 (with fins). Post workout, my shoulders are sore and tired -- no doubt a result of the addition of my new weight work. I'll just have to adapt!

Feeling a little fatigued -- need to ensure my calorie intake is keeping up with with demand!

My training log at Beginner Triathlete.

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