Monday, February 27, 2006

A good weekend's work

Saturday had the promise of a good day -- at least according to the weather forecast. But by the time I left the house to go for my bike ride, it was still cool, partly cloudy, and windy. Still, not too bad for February.

I rode a 26.5 mile loop from Free Union, through Boonesville and White Hall. Typical Albemarle County ride -- nice, not too busy roads, with more than a fair share of short, steep climbs. There's one nice long flat section in this ride that parallels a stream, and I was able to get down in the aero bars and really go hard. Speaking of the aero bars, the adjustment to them has been very smooth. I like the aerodynamic advantage, and I feel like I can really put some power onto the pedals when I'm tucked in.

Did the ride in 1:37:34, at an average of 16.3 -- doesn't sound too fast, but I felt pretty good about it, considering the terrain.

I wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with a weights session and a brisk (tempo and temperature) 3.1 mile run. Knocked about 30 seconds off my usual time around the loop, but didn't feel like I was pushing it any harder than usual.

My training log at Beginner Triathlete.

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