Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yoga and stretching

Took a yoga class last night at ACAC downtown. Hopefully I can work this into a regular routine -- class level was fairly easy, but I got a good stretch and a nice relaxing hour. Ideally I can make the class day a "zero" or "easy" day in my schedule -- a good chance to let the body recuperate.

I've been keeping up on my stretching as well, though the 45 minutes twice a day is a very difficult commitment to keep up on. I did miss my morning session today, but I'll be sure to work a session in tonight. Gradually my leg/knee is getting stronger -- the only worrisome issue is continued inflammation -- it still looks puffy, though there's no pain to the touch, or signs of bruising. Sounds as though a stepped-up icing routine is in order!

By the way -- did an easy 15 minute spin on an exercise bike yesterday -- no problem. I'm going to work in a 20 minute session today at lunch.

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