Monday, March 06, 2006

Swimming improvement

Back in the saddle after a weekend off. Went to NYC to do "The Lion King" on Broadway. A good show overall -- I'd give it a "10" for costumes, lighting, sets, spectacle -- and about a "4" for actual drama. But, there's nothing like nighttime in Times Square. We stayed in the Upper West Side, the Hotel Beacon -- a nice property, excellent location on 72nd and Broadway. Dinner at a great little Italian place, the Southside Cafe -- recommended, even though it blew my calorie counting all to hell. Try the Cappalini w/seafood.

But I digress. Master's swim class at lunch today was good. About 2 months ago I had really hit a plateau in my swimming, and had even gone back a bit. My times were flat, or even slower, and I felt sluggish in the pool.

Lately, though, I've definitely picked up strength and speed. Longer distances are no big deal, my breathing is well-controlled, and I'm actually getting faster! One of our sets was a 4 x 100 yds on 2 minutes, and I nailed each one right about 1:40. Best of all, my times were pretty consistent and I never felt "choppy" - just smooth and strong. I'm certain that I wouldn't have gotten more than one of the 100's under 1:45 even a month ago.

Tomorrow it's an early morning bike ride, then an evening run. I may try to get strength training in around lunch time, but my schedule probably won't allow that. Looks like this weeks goal will be 6.5-7 hours total training time.

My training log at Beginner Triathlete.

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