Friday, March 24, 2006

Back in action!

At least to a limited degree. Went to the pool last night and did a nice 2150 yard workout -- 700 warmup/drill, 7 x 100 on 2:15, and a well-controlled and steady 750 in 14:59. Not exactly blazing speed, but great to get back in action. My knee felt fine during the swim, but I could feel a soreness in my left leg ITB throughout. I'm going to try and work in a 1000 or so yards at lunch and do strength training after work.

In other news, I'm stretching like a madman. Jenny P has me on a serious stretching regime -- I'm putting in 40-45 minutes every morning and evening, and I still usually end up leaving something out because of time. It's given me an appreciation of just how inflexible and tight my leg muscles, in particular the hamstrings, are. I've adopted the attitude that the stretching right now is just as important a part of my training as swimming, running, or biking. If I don't get this turned around there's a good possibility I'll be limping from one injury to another all summer.

Best to invest the time and energy now!

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