Friday, March 03, 2006

Reality and rest

Since yesterday afternoon was so nice, I changed plans and did a 3.1 mile run rather than an evening spin session. A good decision -- I ran a nice stretch of quiet road during my son's soccer practice and kept a good pace, right around 9 min/mile. The tendonitis in my ankle is becoming less and less of an issue. I think I'll keep at the current level of 9-12 miles per week for about two more weeks, then slowly increase distance and incorporate some speed work.

Reality hit me like a ton of bricks last night -- I was dead dog tired. Rather than get up early today to spin, I caught an extra hour of sleep. I'm going to take a zero today, with the exception of my strength training routine. Total swim/bike/run for the week is 5-1/2 hours. That's actually quite respectable by my standards -- I'd averaged a bit over 5 hours/week for the last 3-week training cycle, so a slight increase in each of the next two weeks will allow me to reach my goal of averaging 6 hours/week for this 3-week period.

It's a tough balancing act -- I'm trying to increase my training hours while hitting a nutritional balance that allows me to lose weight at the same time. I've got to listen to my body while balancing out the obsessive side of my brain that's telling me I've got to train more.
Patience, I think, will be the key.

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