Monday, March 27, 2006

Swim, swim, swim...

While my leg has kept me off the bike and run, I've started to pick up the swimming side of training. Counting today, I've done 4 swim workouts in the last 5 days: 2150 on Thursday, 1500 on Friday, 2300 on Sunday, and 2100 today.

It all started to catch up to me a bit in today's master's class. I had to cut my last few sessions out after my foot and toe started to cramp. Before that though, I did a 300 in 5:25, which is a PR for me.

My leg continues to improve, thanks to time, treatment and stretching. There's better mobility in the knee, and the quad muscle feels stronger. I did a brisk 30 minute walk with my dog this morning, and tossed a few jogs in for 50 yards or so. Everything held together OK. I may try a few very light cycling sessions this week. A new experience tomorrow -- yoga. Hope they don't laugh at an old non-flexible guy!

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