Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Working through the weekend

No breaks for me this Labor Day weekend!

I kicked things off by volunteering at the Charlottesville Women's 4-Miler, a great local institution that supports breast cancer research. My wife's a cancer survivor (3 years now) and runs it each year. She did it in around 46 minutes this year, a good effort on her part.

I occupied the weekend with a Saturday run/walk at the Charlottesville HS track. It's got a great surface -- I need to run on it more often. The usual for me -- 2-1/4 miles in 27 minutes, including the walk. This upcoming week Coach Debi has me doing 60 steps run/30 steps walk for 25 minutes (with a 5 minute warmup walk), so I may start getting close to 3 miles per run. Hey, it's progress!

Sunday morning I got out for a ride with my friend Ken. A great 26.5 mile ride ride out in the Blue Ridge foothills (check out the route here). I was totally in a groove -- Ken's a bit slower than me, so I stayed very fresh throughout the ride, with plenty of energy on the climbs. The average was 15.5 MPH; about one MPH slower than I usally do. If you think it sounds slow, don't forget we have lots of hills around here!

Monday's swim rocked as well. I hooked up with two of my Master's class buddies, Andy and Debbie, and we put in a very solid 2500 yard workout. I stroked a 200 in 3:15, a very nice PR for me. The swimming is coming along very strong lately. I anticipate it will be the easiest part of my training when I kick into Eagleman mode later on.

Rounded off everything with a trainer ride and brick run this morning. 50 minutes on the bike, and 10 minutes run at the end. Legs felt pretty good right off the bike. There's more emphasis on this in this month's training plan -- I'm looking forward to seeing how they go.

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