Monday, September 11, 2006


Alright, my tail's officially on the line now for the Eagleman 70.3, June 10, 2007.

No doubt I've got a long ways to go to get ready for this. Especially so, in that I'm not racing to "finish." Don't get me wrong -- you're not going to see my name at the top of my age group, but my sights are set relatively high -- top half of my age group is the goal.

To get to the top half of the 45-49 year old males, I'll need to complete the course in around 5:45 minutes. A respectable time, in my opinion. How do I rate myself on each of the disciplines right now?

Swim -- Good. Surprisingly, this is probably my best event right now. I'm getting in 5000+ yards a week, and my speed and endurance are steadily improving. I'm not going to underestimate the challenge of the swim, but I certainly don't fear it, either.

Bike -- Decent. While my knee surgery kept me off the bike most of the spring and summer, I'm slowly rounding into shape. Significantly, I'm now faster on my training rides than I was last summer. I attribute most of that to weight loss. I'm currently now at around 175, whereas I was 185-190 last year. Since I can't afford a carbon fiber or titanium bike, that's the only way I'll drop weight off of my bike. I've got a lot of riding yet to do, though.

Run -- Poor. The knee surgery has left me miles to go on this. It's going to be a long struggle to rebuild my running base and endurance. The good news is that I've run enough long races (8 marathons) that the half-marathon distance in and of itself doesn't intimidate me.

Mental -- Good. I've got a good background in endurance sports, and I've experienced the ups and downs that are inevitable any time you put yourself out on the line for a long time. No surprises there, I hope. I've also gotten smart enough to start working with an experienced tri coach, so I'm not beating myself up trying to construct and evaluate a training plan on my own. I just have to follow orders.


P.S. -- Stay tuned for the next post, when I talk about my new wheels -- with pics!


shannan said...

I had knee surgery a couple of years ago and then when I first started running I ended up with tendonitis. With patience, lots of PT and my coach it feels great now! I'm doing my first ironman in less than 2 weeks. Good luck with your training.

jp said...

I'm a new visitor to your site. Good luck with the recovery from your 'scope'. I just had my knee done on August 29 (3 weeks ago tomorrow)...good to hear about someone who's making a good recovery.