Wednesday, September 13, 2006

She's not a spiffy tri bike, but I love her anyway

I got my Lemond Reno back in the summer of 2004, before I'd thought much about doing triathlons. It was an upgrade from my old Trek touring bike, which was a nice comfy, dependable ride (but a bit on the heavy side).

The Reno has been a good fit for me -- it wasn't too expensive (about $900), but it has an aluminum frame that rides very smoothly (the carbon front fork helps). As I've gotten into the sport, I've tricked it out a bit: clipless Shimano pedals (basic stuff from Performance Bike), clip-on aero bars, and my favorite addition -- a new wheelset.

I put a Rolf Prima Tempo wheelset on last week (picked up during a nice sale at C-ville Bike and Tri) with Michelin ProRace 2 tires -- wow, what a difference. There's a whole different feel to the bike: accelerations are easier, and I pick up speed downhill like a bat out of you-know-where. Not to mention that the new wheels with the red and black tires look like a million bucks. Money well spent!

Trainings been going well: a short run/walk this morning (all my coach allows right now), followed by weight training. Thursday morning it's into the pool for 3000 yards, running/weights on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I'm allowed to ride for two hours. It'll be the first time I've been out for more than 30 miles since last year.

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