Monday, May 14, 2007

Under 30 days!

Time is moving quickly now, or it's standing still -- depends on my frame of mind.

There are less than 30 days left until Eagleman, and it's hard to believe time has gone so quickly. At the same time, each day left seems like an eternity. I've put in hours of pool time, ridden my bike more than ever before, and have run more consistently than I have in years. I want this race to start now!

Realistically, I'm not going to get a lot fitter. There's one more hard week of training, and then it's time to taper. The key at this point is to not do anything stupid (like getting injured), make my packing lists, and keep running the game plan through my head until it's all second nature.

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TriCoachTre' said...

GOOD LUCK AT EAGLEMAN!! You're right, training's done and the taper is just resting to reap the benefit of all that work.