Monday, May 21, 2007

Gonna Fly Now

I had a "Rocky" moment this weekend. Nothing as dramatic as running up a flight of steps, hands raised in triumph. Still, a dramatic, albeit quieter, training revelation.

Saturday was a "triple brick" workout, a peculiar form of torture that Coach Debi likes to inflict upon her minions. Rather than a single long ride with a run afterwards, she breaks the distance up into three seperate bricks, back to back. My Saturday workout ended up being:

27 mile bike
3 mile run
22 mile bike
3 mile run
16 mile bike
2 mile run

One of the aims of the workout is to aid mental preparation for a long day, without beating up the body too much. Since the workout took me over 5 hours, counting transitions, I'm sure it met it's objective.

But back to my "moment."

I'd done a triple brick before, with slightly shorter bike legs, and it was a long, hard haul. It was still a long, hard haul this time, but something was different this time. I felt something -- strength, confidence -- that I hadn't had before. With every mile on the bike and mile on the run, I felt that I wasn't just surviving, but was thriving -- I had the strength to turn it up a notch any time I wanted. My focus and concentration was excellent throughout and I never felt my mind wandering -- just focused on the task at hand, and feeling strong.

All in all a real confidence booster for Eagleman (only 20 days!).


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TriCoachTre' said...

Good job dude! I like the 3brick, too, since it forces you to get the nutrition correct. Great confidence builder.