Monday, January 08, 2007

Guilt-free indulgence

The unseasonably warm winter we've had so far has kept me off the ski slopes (maybe a good thing for my knee), but has kept me on the roads. Coach Debi topped off my Biggest Week Ever (more on that in moment) with a 2-hour bike ride on Sunday. Staying true to my early morning preferences, I got out on the road at 8 AM, for two loops around a favorite 16.25-mile circuit.

It may seem a bit boring to ride the same loop twice, but I like to do it on occassion. It makes a good game -- ride steady and smooth the first time, then try to kick it up a notch on the second circuit. Well, I couldn't do it this time -- both circuits came in right at 59 minutes, a 16.5 avg. Pretty good speed in my book, since there are three serious climbs on each circuit that really drag the average speed down.

Chilled and tired, I met the family at The Tavern, a Charlottesville institution. It's the greasiest of greasy spoons, where hash-browns are as close as you can get to a vegetable. Giving in totally to temptation, I pigged out on 3 pecan pancakes, a side order of grits, one egg sunnyside up, a side of link sausage, and lots of coffee.


As to the Biggest Week Ever, I ended up the week with over 10 hours of training: 12.15 miles of running, 75 miles biking, 6500 yards in the pool, and one hour of weight training. Best of all, I'm feeling good and having fun while I do it!


See for yourself, check out my training log.