Thursday, October 26, 2006

Daily double

Friday (tomorrow) Coach Debi has two workouts scheduled for me. Nothing extreme, mind you, just a 30 minute easy spin and a 30 minute run. No brick -- two separate workouts. I'm sure it's a routine I'll get used to as I prep for Eagleman.

Even training once a day I've learned the value of planning and organization. For example, if I've got an early morning spin on the trainer the best way to make sure it happens is to make a list and get everything ready:

1. Set up bike on trainer, plug headphones into TV, and put cycling shoes, remote, and sports drink by bike.
2. Put cycling shorts on chair by bed.
3. Prep coffee maker and set timer (nothing like a hot cup of joe when I'm done).
4. Iron and put out clothes for work.
5. Pack lunch.
6. Set out breakfast food.

I learned early on that if I didn't do all of these things, the rest of the morning could easily turn into a total SNAFU. And when the alarm goes off it's easier to get up knowing everything's ready to go.

In short, I can live with a workout missed because I'm sick or injured, but I'm determined that I'm not going to miss any because I wasn't prepared.


P.S. -- Check my training log and see how I'm doing.

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