Wednesday, September 07, 2016

There and (partly) back again

One of the challenges of section hiking is transportation. When I was backpacking in VA, it didn't require a long drive to drop off a vehicle and get to the trailhead. Now that I'm in NC and TN, it's a little harder.
Fontana Lake, with the Smokies in the background.

The day started with a 7-1/2 hour drive to the Fontana Dam visitor center, where I parked (and locked) my car and met my shuttle driver.
Ronnie, my shuttle driver.

Now it was time to backtrack for two hours, to where I'll pick up the trail in the morning. 
Mountain Inn in Erwin, TN - my home for the night.

So, after a long day in the car, I'm comfortably settled in at my motel with a couple of beers and a delivery pizza. Plus the Tour of Spain is on the TV. Reality check tomorrow, as I tackle my first climbs and hope for a solid 16-mile day.

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