Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 7 - Max Patch to Standing Bear Hostel

9/14/16 - Max Patch lives up to its billing. 360 views above the tree line, with nothing but mountains as far as they eye can see. After watching the sunset, I slept in my tent under a nearly full moon, with gentle breezes blowing all night. 
The sun sets, as seen from Max Patch.

Around 3 AM I stepped out for a nature call and gazed in every direction at the moonlit mountains - a sublime experience only equaled by the sunrise. I thought about what music it needed - Strauss? Sibelius? In the end, the wind blowing through the grass was music enough.

Tough to beat that, and the rest was routine hiking, with one stiff ascent but plenty of easy cruising too. After about 13 miles, I reached my destination, the very rustic Standing Bear Hostel. There I picked up my mail drop, showered, and did laundry, and gorged on a frozen pizza and two pints of Fat Tire. I'll head out first thing tomorrow to tackle the Smokies!
The Smokies - just ahead!

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