Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 3 - Puttering across PA

Day 3
Alec Kennedy Shelter to Ironmasters Mansion Hostel
Time on trail - 8:10
Miles - 16
Avg speed - 1.9 mph

I'd thought I'd be alone at the Alec Kennedy Shelter, but just after dark a dad and two kids hiked in. The kids (boy 10, and girl 11) were delightful and the dad unfailingly polite, so it was fun to talk to them about trail life.

In the morning I described how my stove worked, what I ate, and how I packed my gear to a rapt audience and then hit the trail. 

Today wasn't a long day (about 16 miles) so there was no need to rush. Hike an hour, take a break, hike another hour, take a longer break. 

Seven or so miles in I took a short detour to the Green Mountain General Store; indulged in a Coke and an ice cream sandwich and talked to Waffle Sole, a Frenchman who's done several AT section hikes. 

Moving forward, I stopped for a lunch and nap at the next shelter, catching up with Bee Sting before he moved on.

Lunch and siesta.

After a putzy morning, it was time to make some miles. I picked up the pace and knocked out some solid miles to arrive at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, a lovely PA state park.

As proof I'm in the SOBO bubble I ran into a pod of SOBOs hanging out in the park, most of whom I actually had already met.

SOBOs - what's a 56-year old guy doing hanging out with them? From left: Rockman, Highlander, "unknown", Chill Pickle. Not pictured: Gravity, Breezy.

Tonight I'm at the Ironmasters Mansion Hostel with Rocky, Highlander, Chill Pickle, and Waffle Sole. A very nice AT establishment. Showered, laundry done, resupplied, and fed with a frozen pizza, it's time for bed.

View from the porch at the hostel.

Breakfast at 7 AM tomorrow, then back on the trail!


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