Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 4 - Hitting my stride

Day 4 - Ironmasters Hostel to Quarry Gap Shelter
Distance - 17.4
Time on Trail- 7:15
Avg speed - 2.4 mph

My stay at the Ironmasters Hostel was pleasant and restful. Check-in started promptly at 5 - for $31 I got bed linens, towel, and washcloth; a frozen pizza and a coke. Continental breakfast in the morning too. Waffle Tread and I split the $3 cost of laundry, and soon I was showered, fed, and supplied with clean clothes for the morning. Time for some reading on the porch and blog updating.

At the AT midpoint marker

The plan for today was a 17 mile leg, giving myself a little more break-in time before I upped the mileage over the home stretch. The weather was cooler, traill conditions were good, with a smooth treadway and only a few significant climbs, so despite a 30-minute second breakfast and a nice phone call to Carmel, I rolled into the shelter about 3 PM. 

Wide, smooth trails were common today.

Despite the early hour I resisted the temptation to push on. The shelter was impossibly nice, and my pack would only get lighter as I ate through my food. 

The Quarry Gap Shelter.

A big group is here tonight - 6 thruhikers, including Float, who will complete his hike in Harpers Ferry in a few days. A congenial group, and it looks like a nice evening for sleeping.

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