Thursday, November 08, 2007

Top 32% !

If you want a definition of "anal" look no further.

I just checked the USATriathlon rankings, and all my races for the year are now listed. A quick search and a calculation later and I'm elated to discover that I'm in the top 32% of my age group (M, 45-49) for the nation in 2007.

Sounds a little silly, I know, but one of my goals has been to be a consistent top 1/3 finisher in my AG. It doesn't always happen, because it's so dependent on who's racing on a particular weekend and the size of the field.

But it is nice to see that when you average it out across the country for the entire year I've hit my goal.

Next year -- top 20% is the goal -- tough, but doable I think.



TriCoachTre' said...

Yep, Martin Katz, the old race director here who revived the Sprint Tri at Walnut Creek used to say, "nothing says Uptight White Boy like 'I'm a triathlete!'" Good job on getting into the top third.


Nancy Toby said...

Congratulations, piker!! Well done! That's a tough AG, too!