Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Moving On

Seems a little early to be talking about a new year, but my work's just getting started. Last year was all about Eagleman, and taking on the challenge of doing the 1/2-IM distance.

Mission accomplished. The race went very well, and I've reaped the benefits of the training. All my race times have improved this year, and I'm feeling fit and ready to take on new challenges.

So what is the new challenge?


With a marathon PR of 3:58 (set almost 10 years ago), Boston qualifying used to look incredibly remote to me. But two things have changed. One -- I'm getting older, so my qualifying time is getting closer. Two -- Coach Debi. Under her guidance, I've gotten to a level I never thought I could acheive, and I can still see lots of room for improvement.

The plan is to run the Richmond Marathon in 2008 as my qualifier, with Boston in 2009. Since I'll be 50 at the time of the race in 2009, my qualifying time is 3:35. Coach Debi's response when I told her the time requirement?

"Oh PLEASE. You can do a lot better than 3:35." Nice to know your coach has confidence in you!

At any rate, I'm working with Debi again, after a few months of steady maintenance on my own. I'll keep things up to date here on the blog.

I wonder if I should give it a new name?


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