Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goal acheived!

Well, one goal, that is.

At the beginning of the month I decided to try to put in 25,000 yards in the pool. All while maintaining my two times a week swim schedule. I'm happy to report that, in the words of Sir Edmund Hillary, I "knocked the bastard off" this morning.

After a solid 3200 yard workout, I had chalked up 25,050 yards for the month. And what did I find out as a result of this?

Mainly, that I can swim more yards per workout than I previously had thought. Not rocket science, but important, nonetheless as I move forward in my training. Over the last few months I've increased my workout yardage from two workouts of about 2500 per session to two workouts, one of about 3500+ yards (solo workout) and another of about 2500 yards (Masters swim class) each week.

I've got a better feel for the water, and I'm getting faster too -- I'll take that!

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