Monday, November 06, 2006

Speedy swimming

OK, "speedy" is a relative term, but my swimming progress has been very encouraging to me. Recently I've been able to increase my swim distance a bit by doing my Thursday morning session very early in the day. Yeah, it's not a lot of fun to get in the pool at 5:45 AM, but that gives me enough time to swim somewhere in the 3000-3500 yard range. Add that to the 2500 or so at Master's on Monday, and I'm getting in a solid 5500 to 6000 yards a week.

I had to miss my Master's class today because of a meeting, so I used one of my coach's plans and did 2500 yards at lunch. There was a 400 yard swim in the middle, so I did it for time, and slipped in under 7 minutes, at 6:55. That's a PR for me, and a good one, considering it was right after a set of 8 x 50.

Not blazing fast, by any means, but stronger and smoother all the time. 1:45/100 is no sweat any more, at least for this distance. Think I'll try to work in an 800 time trial some time soon and see how I'm doing -- bet I can get it done in under 14!


For full details, check the training log.

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