Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Complications and On My Own

Well, life has a way of throwing some curves at us. Just got the news that my wife's father has to have surgery on Friday. A fairly serious procedure, though the prognosis is excellent. Still, when you're 81, any surgery is serious business.

Obviously this throws a crimp into this weekend. But I'll still soldier on. The whole family will drive up to West Virginia on Thursday night (about 5 hours), then I'll leave to come back on Friday afternoon, after the surgery (barring complications, of course!).

Then Saturday I'll leave Charlottesville for Cambridge (3-3-1/2 hours), get checked in and rest up for Eagleman. I'll come back to Charlottesville after the race on Sunday, then drive back to WV on Monday to pick up the family.

Kind of a bummer that I'll be on my own, though it's obvious that my wife should be with her mother for support during this. And I hope for the best for my father-in-law -- he's a good man. Just take it all in stride, I guess. I'll have other races in the future where the family can come cheer for me!


momo said...

i wish the very best for you father in law's surgery, and a speedy recovery.

life often gets in the way of our best laid plans, but you're family will be there with you in spirit.

race hard for them!

Ken said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and good advice.