Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MRI tomorrow

The wheels continue to turn slowly. I get my MRI tomorrow night, then a consultation next Friday. Trying to keep active -- swim 3 times a week, upper body strength work, and starting to incorporate some ab work as well. Still, I'm getting more and more tired of waiting -- I want to be better, now!

I get my monthly massage today, so I can gripe to my massage therapist at least -- she has a willing ear (thanks Marci!). I'm also going out tonight to help a buddy pick out his first road bike. Nothing fancy for him, but a nice milestone.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


Got to see the orthapedic doc on Friday. Diagnosis? Probably a torn menisucus, requiring arthroscopic surgery. An MRI is scheduled for this Thursday, consultation the week after, surgery (if required) -- ? Hopefully this can get resolved and I can be back biking and swimming by mid May.

I'd like to do some light cycling, but I'm afraid of aggravating whatever the issue is. Right now I getting around OK with a knee brace on, but I don't want to be hobbling in pain like I was a few days ago. Best to be patient -- sigh...

I can still swim, though -- had a couple of good workouts recently. Seems like I'm starting to strengthen greatly in the pool. That's a good thing -- the faster I swim, and the less tired I am, the easier the rest of the race.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


After talking about how well my knee was doing, this setback has been quite disappointing. I vacationed in Colorado at the beginning of the month and got in three great days of skiing -- thanks Winter Park! Unfortunately, my knee went totally south on me at some point in the trip out.

Although skiing wasn't difficult, the level of pain in the knee increased greatly, and it began locking up on occasion, making popping sounds whenver I try to straighten it. Since then it's been up and down, but even the best days are worse than the original injury.

I'll be going to the McCue Center at UVA on Friday -- we'll see what they say (I'm expecting to be scoped for a meniscus tear).

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