Monday, April 17, 2006


Got to see the orthapedic doc on Friday. Diagnosis? Probably a torn menisucus, requiring arthroscopic surgery. An MRI is scheduled for this Thursday, consultation the week after, surgery (if required) -- ? Hopefully this can get resolved and I can be back biking and swimming by mid May.

I'd like to do some light cycling, but I'm afraid of aggravating whatever the issue is. Right now I getting around OK with a knee brace on, but I don't want to be hobbling in pain like I was a few days ago. Best to be patient -- sigh...

I can still swim, though -- had a couple of good workouts recently. Seems like I'm starting to strengthen greatly in the pool. That's a good thing -- the faster I swim, and the less tired I am, the easier the rest of the race.

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